COVID supplies to the people of Solukhumbu district

The Partners Nepal supports COVID supplies to the people of Solukhumbu district. The Partners Nepal, with close cooperation of the local community from Bung, had the opportunity to support the covid prevention supplies to the local health clinics, schools, and community health posts of Bung, Cheskam, Pelmang, and Gudel Mahakulung Rural Municipality of Solukhumbu.

The supplies of the COVID pandemic were made possible from (Prof. Wolfgang Nairz) NepalHilfe-Tirol, and Core International through our dear friend and supporter Frances Klatzel. It has been a great help for the community who suffered from a lack of basic needs to cope with COVID diseases during the lockdown in the country.

The Partners Nepal is very grateful to our donors for helping us during this most difficult period, and we are still looking for more funds to help the community in remote areas of Solukhumbu. The Partners Nepal had requested Hill Conservation Group to hand over the supplies to those identified villages, clinics, and schools. Thank you, Uddhav Bhai, for your great post about these support supplies.

Covid Supplies included:
1. Oxygen Concentrators
2. Oxygen Gas Regulators
3. Surgical Masks
4. Sanitizers
5. LifeBoy Soap
6. Oximeter
7. Thermometers

1. Ang Rita Sherpa
2. Bheem Rai
3. Bhala Kulung Ngopocho
4. Shreedhoj Rai
5. Furgelje Budo
6. Uddhav Kulung
7. Frances Klatzel
8. Core International
9. Wolfgang Nairz


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