Pangboche village in Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality-4, Solukhumbu District


Starting 05 Apr 2020 - Closing 02 Jan 2020


“ONE DAY ONE TREE” project has launched in 2016 in Pangboche village with program supported by the Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone. The Partners Nepal and the Buffer Zone Users Group jointly established this important and innovative project to balance the mountain ecosystems as mean to mitigate the threats of Global Warming and Climate Change. We firmly believe that the restoration in and around the sacred lands of Khumbu will further Nepal’s already leader in community-based natural resources management.
The second reforestation was carried out in July 2017 in Pangboche based for reforestation purpose. This site was chosen by local people as well as area set aside by the park authority. Similar to the first reforestation project site, approximately 600 seedlings of from four different species of seeds have planted in the area. The four different seedlings were: Fir, Juniper, Rhododendron and Birch species all of them were native to the area. Here the area has set aside for 50x50meter enclosures using Gabion wire and angle poles. The late Gomjen Rimpoche had performed a special puja while planting those seedlings.
Much progress has been made since July 2017 as far as the seed germination is concern. According to Min Bahadur, the local people gives preference to juniper seedlings although the growth rate is very slow among other species. The second preference is birch followed by fir and rhododendron species.