SIR EDMUND HILLARY built the clinic in Bung in 1989 as requested by the local people known as the late Uttar Kubir. The clinic was built in this remote villageEdmund Hillary in Bung of Bung to provide health services to those needy families where the health service were limited at that time. It was Sir Ed’s attachment to this village although he had not walked through this village after the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953 British Everest Expedition. Consequently, Sir Edmund Hillary and the member of Himalayan Trust Nepal built the Bung clinic in 1989.

Wth initial support from Sir Edmund Sir Edmund Hillary Stiftung Deutschland Germany, Wolfgang Nairz of Nepal Hilfe Tirol, Austria and The Partners Nepal with implementation partner by Hill Development Conservation Group (HDCG) was able to complete the physical infrastructures and the local people proposed to establish as Sir Edmund Hillary Memorial Museum and Elder Care Center in Bung.

Bung is one of the remote regions of Solukhumbu located at the southeast of Solukhumbu at the altitude ranging from 1200-2400 m. is located in Mahakulung Rural Municaplity-1, Bung, Solukhumbu district in the Sagarmatha Zone of northeastern Nepal. The population of Bung is widely scattered with approximately 4500 people living in 900 households spread in 1-9 wards.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Memorial Museum and Elder Care Center in Bung is to preserve and re- vitalize the original clinic built back in 1989 by late Sir Edmund Hillary with the view to provide health services to the Kirat Rai people of Solukhumbu. This clinic provided numerous services to the people of Bung, Cheskam, Gudel, Sotang and Pawai Rural Municipality of lower Solukhumbu where there was no support from government at that the time of building this clinic.


For more information, you can download Final Updates Sir Edmund Hillary Musuem And Elderly Care Center In Bung 2019