Construction of Kitchen & Toilet at Khunde Manilhanhg

Construction of Kitchen & Toilet at Khunde Manilhang

The Partners Nepal partnered with Khunde Community Club had completed the construction of KITCHEN & TOILET attached to the Khunde Communal Building or Khunde Manilhang as of October 2019. The purpose of this kitchen and toilet construction was to provide a necessary facility for the local community to use this communal building for multiple uses, especially during natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, etc.

During normal times, the communal center would be able to host various social festivals, events, community meetings, conduct non-formal education, strengthening the local capacity and resilience by empowering youth clubs and mother’s groups in particular.

The Khunde community is already using the community hall (communal hall) at Khunde Manilhang, engaging them with social and cultural programs and activities. This building will mainly serve for the social festival and teach dharma and Sherpa dance training for youth.

The communal hall will equip with small Sherpa artifacts, natural and cultural history displays, and audiovisual sets as well as completion of toilets and well hygienically considered kitchen.

The Partners Nepal express our sincere gratitude to the respected donors like Sir Edmund Hillary Stiftung Deutschland Germany, NepalHilfe-Tirol, local and international communities supporting this kitchen and toilet construction.

The initial budget proposed was 32,ooo, and The Partners Nepal had raised 27,000 only for this project. The Partners Nepal invested 23,500 for Khunde Manilhang Kitchen and Toilet, and the remaining balance spent on cost for drawing the plan for Kitchen and Toilet, series of meetings in Kathmandu about Khunde Manilhang project, TPN’s field expense and others.

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