Khunde Chorten Restoration

Khunde Chorten Restoration

The Partners Nepal had helped raise funds to rebuilt and restore the Khunde Chorten that was severely damaged by the massive earthquake 7.8 magnitudes in April, and May 2015 hit Nepal and the Everest region of Solukhumbu. The earthquakes and aftershocks from time to time over two months shook Nepal caused considerable damage to the many parts of Nepal, including the Khumbu, home of the 4000 native Sherpas. The Khumbu region suffered terrible damage to its monastery and the cultural monuments, including the Khunde Chorten.

The Partners Nepal and the Khunde Community were quite successful in raising funds from local and international communities, including the individual donors at their capacity. As a result, the Khunde Chorten completed in December 2017.

The total proposed estimated budget was 80,000 for the whole project, i.e., conservation and restoration of Khunde Chorten. The committee had raised approximately 65,000 USD from different sources, including 11,000 USD from the American Himalayan Foundation payment received by KCC from AHF.

The Partners Nepal’s contributions to the first phase of Chorten Restoration were approximately 15,000, and an additional 10,000 during the second phase was 25,000 in total. The Partners Nepal was able to improve the walkways surrounding the Chorten. It made easier access to the elderly to walk around during their kora visits, especially in the auspicious days. The Partners Nepal with ground partners, i.e., Khunde Community Club, has been working closely in this second phase of Khunde Chorten Restoration.

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