Construction of Kitchen & Toilet at Khunde Manilhanhg

Khunde Manilhang Construction First Phase

The Partners Nepal had helped to raise funds for conservation and restoration of Khunde Manilhang (Communal building) that was severely destroyed during the massive earthquake 7.8 magnitudes in April and May 2015 hit Nepal and the Everest region of Solukhumbu caused considerable damage to the many parts of Nepal including the Khumbu, home of the 4000 native Sherpas.The whole Khumbu region suffered terrible damage to its monastery and cultural monuments. The impacts from the earthquake were immense especially where approximately 90% of the Chorten (monuments) and monasterios that is important cultural heritage for the Sherpas of this region has been destroyed or damaged as a result of the 2015 earthquake. The monasteries and the stupas known as Chorten by local are important cultural heritage for the Sherpas of this tiny village. For the Sherpas of this village, their natural and cultural heritage is an important component of their identity.


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