Visit to One Day One Tree Langtang

Visit to One Day One Tree Project in Langtang

The Partners Nepal team, Ang Rita Sherpa, Bheem Raj Rai, and Sushila Thinng, and the donor, Professor Wolfgang Nairz of NepalHilfe-Tirol and the land of Tirol, visited our One Day One Tree project in Langtang National Park. The NepalHilfe-Tirol and land of Tirol Austria have been great supporters of our conservation and restoration projects both in Sagarmatha National Park and Langtang National Park in two different mountain districts of Nepal. The Partners Nepal had received seed money from Hauser Exkursionen, Sir Edmund Hillary Stiftung Deutschland, followed by Professor Wolfgang Nairz NepalHilfe-Tirol, Aero Telegraph, Light Development Education (LED), and many individuals had generously contributed to our reforestation initiatives established in 2021 with Langtang National Park.

The Partners Nepal and our ground partners Tenjin Eco-Treks will plant 5000 native trees in July 2023 at Kyanjin Valley to conserve and restore the fragile alpine ecosystems to avoid erosion due to overgrazing. During our field visit to Langtang, we observed the nursery bed and the greenhouse in Mundu and 50×50 meters enclosures in Kyanjin and provided 48 of the best quality tarps to the herders in exchange for yak dung for conservation and restoration purposes.

The Partners Nepal is very grateful to our respected donors, institutions, and individuals who have shown keen interest in supporting the conservation and restoration of fragile alpine ecosystems that will make a big difference in protecting the Langtang Valley alpine ecosystems. It also provides a great opportunity to plant the memory of your loved ones and yourself in the very remote Tamang community. Thank you

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