Supporters of One Day One tree 2021-2023

Supporters Of One Day One Tree In 2021-2023

Supporters Of One Day One Tree In 2021-2023Since 2016, The Partners Nepal has been working with local communities and the buffer zone users committee to protect the fragile mountain environment in Solukhumbu and Langtang Valley through the “ONE DAY ONE TREE” reforestation project in response to global warming and climate change.

Our One Day One Tree program promotes mountain environmental protection and restoring vulnerable alpine ecosystems in the Solukhumbu and Langtang valleys. The idea is to plant trees daily in homes, businesses, and schools. One Day One Tree promotes planting one tree day to benefit the environment. Concerns about environmental degradation and climate change have recently increased interest in the project.

One Day One Tree has numerous environmental and personal benefits. Tree planting links you to nature while also providing a sense of accomplishment. Planting trees also helps to relieve stress and promote mental health. Due to the One Day One Tree project, individuals and communities have been encouraged to take action. Planting one tree every day can help our planet become greener and healthier. The Partners Nepal has effectively encouraged environmental protection and community tree planting.

Through One Day One Tree, they inspired individuals and communities to create a greener and healthier world. We appreciate our donors, organizations, and the global community’s assistance in reforesting Solukhumbu and Langtang Valley. Their consideration, concern, and interest have assisted our reforestation efforts.

Text and concept: Ang Rita Sherpa (The Partners Nepal – TPN,
Photos: TPN Collections

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