Ang Temba Sherpa

General Member

Ang Temba Sherpa, a native from Khunde village and owner of Highland Sherpa Resort Pangboche, is one of the most talented and reputed people in the tourism business. He began to climb mountains when he was 18 years old, like any other Sherpas from Khumbu. Mr. Sherpa successfully scaled the world’s highest peak (Mt. Everest or Chomolungma) in 1991 and has climbed Everest only once as he had promised his grandmother that his climb Everest in 1991 was the last attempt as his late grandmother has been hesitant ever since she lost her son in Everest back in the 70s.

Mr. Sherpa went to Hillary built a school in Khumjung in 1961, five years before he was born in the shadow of Mt. Everest. Mr. Sherpa has led many expeditions, including National Geographic and many more that have led the climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Mr. Sherpa also helped to organize the archeological expeditions to the upper Mustang with Peter Athans. He was appointed as the chairperson of Khunde Hospital Advisory Committee back in 2013 and has successfully organized the 50th Anniversary of Khunde Hospital in May 2016. Mr. Sherpa also organized the trip in May 2019 during Sir Edmund Hillary’s centennial year, where the former Prime Minister Helen Clark had participated along with many Himalayan Trust New Zealand members, including the first medical volunteer Dr. John McKinnon. Mr. Sherpa was nominated as a member of The Partners Nepal in November 2018.


ang temba shepa