Min Bahadur Rai

General Member

Min Bahadur Rai, a native of Phuleli of Takshindu VDC-9 of Dudhkunda Municipality of Solukhumbu. Min Bahadur served as a teacher at Pangboche Primary School, built by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1963, where he taught Nepali and math for 4.5 years. He had to leave the job as teaching due to political pressure. He opened a small teashop in Pangboche to cater to the porters and guides, and because of his hard-working nature, he becomes a successful tourism entrepreneur not only catering to the food and lodging but also supplies.

While running the tea shop, Min Bahadur Rai also kept supplies to sell to trekkers and become successful entrepreneurs. He learned to make the back boiler as an alternative to heating the water without using much firewood and also helped to design a house that would be appropriate for the mountain regions. He has expertise in constructing mountain huts and knows the idea.

Min Bahadur Rai is also keen on conservation work and has demonstrated his forest nursery and later became the TPN launched One Day One Tree project since March 2016, and he has much experience in growing seeds in nursery and nursery beds.

Min Bhadur Rai