Executive Member

Shova Rai, a mother, a daughter, and a wife, is an active indigenous native of the Himalayan district of Solukhumbu in Nepal and is an executive member of The Partners Nepal since 2012. She holds a degree in Sociology and pursuing another degree in Public Administration from Tribhuwan University. Ms. Rai was also involved in The Mountain Institute’s Nepal program before joining the International Humanitarian Organization.

She is a passionate advocate of peace, human rights, and social development. Since her teenage years, she volunteered in community development and still perused her passion by working for one international humanitarian organization (Save the Children International). She has more than ten years of working experience in various development and humanitarian organizations in different parts of the country. She also has experience in the private sector, covering tourism, media, and education. Being a member of The Partners Nepal (TPN), she has always been a strong advocate and volunteered as required. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure TPN achieves its mission and goals.


Shova Rai