Executive Member

TSEDAR BHUTIA is an executive member of The Partners Nepal since the inception of the 2012 establishment. Mr. Bhutia holds a bachelor’s degree from North Bengal University India in 1993. Mr. Bhutia has served as a monitoring and Evaluation Officer at The Mountain Institute (www.mountain.org)before becoming the Programme Manager at Himalayan Natural Fibre Foundation ((www.hnff.org).

Mr. Bhutia’s work included Conservation of Protected areas, where he has served as administrative assistant, income generation, and gender development office while TMI was establishing the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area Project, Nepal. Mr. Bhutia has over 24 years’ experience in rural development involving the local community, indigenous and marginalized people, focuses on environment conservation and livelihood improvement through participatory planning, implementation, and monitoring approaches.

In-depth experience developing, managing, and monitoring community development projects to strengthen community-based organizations such as women’s groups, community forest user groups, youth-led organizations in sustainable natural resource management, and livelihood improvement.

Tsedar Bhutia