Support to One Day One Tree in Langtang

Support to One Day One Tree in Langtang

The Partners Nepal is very grateful to Mr. Bheem Raj Rai, the secretary of The Partners Nepal, for his contributions made to TPN and Tenjing Eco-Treks jointly launched One Day One Tree in Langtang 2021. Mr. Bheem Raj Rai had contributed Rs.10,000 (Ten Thousand only) for the ongoing project in Langtang valley since January 2021, where he was part of the team to assess the feasibility study of this project.

Based on his assessment and recommendation, the One Day One Tree project was established in March 2021. Mr. Bhim Raj Rai has over 25 years of experience in Natural Resource Management Projects and has been extensively involved in TPN’s One Day One Tree project since 2016 and had expanded or replicated to many other potential areas, including the Langtang valley. We believe that many people interested in the conservation and restoration of fragile alpine ecosystems would follow in his footsteps!.

Thank you for supporting this project!
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